Cabinet Refinishing

Kitchen & Bathrooms upgrades such as painting your cabinets are pretty much guaranteed to give you the greatest return on investment,” said Scott McGillivray, HGTV host and author of How To Add Value To Your Home.


Welcome to Vancouver’s best Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing Company since 1996. We offer sprayed solid lacquer finishes in any colour for any surface type, taking all the proper steps to ensure a high quality, long-lasting factory-smooth finish. Let us help you recycle your kitchen to look new again, while keeping kitchens out of the landfills!

The average cost to refinish fall into three categories depending on the size of your kitchen

Small – $2,000-$5,000
Medium – $5,000-$8,000
Large - $8,000-$12,000 +

Our Process



All doors and drawers are removed by our team.


The doors and drawers are brought back to our shop to be cleaned, lightly sanded and sprayed with a primer followed by 2 coats of durable lacquer finish.

The doors/drawers are in our shop for approximately 1.5-2 weeks.

Old handle holes are filled at this time to accommodate new handles if you choose to change them.


Our most popular method to refinish all fixed areas (side gables, edges, trim, baseboard, crown, wine racks, etc..) is to be painted onsite by hand with brush roll method with a commercial grade product made to level out like the sprayed lacquer finishing. 

Lacquer is not to code to spray on residential interiors as you will never get rid of the smell which is why this product was created for when we can not spray. 

Depending on the size of your kitchen it usually takes 1-5 days for the on-site painting.

Using this method you can still use your kitchen throughout the entire process. You do not need to empty any of your cabinets. It is a very hassle free renovation process.


We also offer the service to spray all of the fixed areas. The doors are removed and brought to our shop to be sprayed with lacquer and the fixed panels are sprayed onsite with a 2K poly. This process can take 1-5 days, your kitchen is not usable during this time and we ask that you find an alternative for the time being.

Which option is better?

Both options are beneficial to our clients.

It depends on our clients needs. If you are in a position to not use your kitchen for a few days and do not mind having the space set up to be sprayed in, this is a great option.

If you are in an apartment, unable to find alternative living or want a hassle free renovation then our brush and roll method is meant for you.


Once the doors are ready and the onsite painting is complete we return to install your kitchen.




Once the doors are installed we drill holes for your new handles.


Our innovated process creates custom lasting results at an affordable price with the added benefit of keeping unnecessary cabinetry out of our landfills and saving homeowners thousands of dollars.

Using our brush and roll method, no down time in your kitchen, no need to remove any items from inside cabinets as only the front trim and all outside gables are painted.

So, what are you waiting for? Send us a few overall photos of your kitchen space along with a total count of how many doors and drawers you have, no measurements are necessary and we’ll send you an online estimate.

We can then follow up with an in-home visit to finalize the colours and details.

We look forward to seeing the transformation and saving you money.